• product of the day: ascot ceramiche tile.

    05.20.2008 / Miscellaneous

    “these tiles totally speak to me. or read to me. ok, whatever.”

    from ASCOT [thanks, coudal!].

    • Jessie Cacciola

      Haha — that’s all I got! =)
      – Jessie –

    • A Print A Day

      i love it! and they look kind of milk glassy too which i like a lot!

    • GreenCanary

      How cool would it be if they were like magnetic poetry for your fridge?! A bunch of different words that you can string together to make sentences, like, “WASH YOUR HANDS,” and, “FLUSH PLEASE.”

    • design for mankind.

      You guys are s full of great ideas! Actually, they have lots of different words, so you’re in luck. ;)

    • winner

      Such a nice blog. I hope you will create another post like this.

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