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    05.30.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Lately, I’ve been tossing around a few ideas of ways to give back to you: my readers. I can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve brought me through the months and I hope that I can give each of you just a fraction of that encouragement.

    So, in an effort to make Design for Mankind a bit more collaborative and reader-focused, I’d like to present to you: reader profiles. You may not be a fabulous artist or own a studio, but you’re still a part of this community and I’d love to honor that.

    All thanks to Jude who gave me the swift kick-in-the-pants to organize this, and who was also the brainchild for reader profiles [thank you, dear!].

    We’re starting out with Ambika, a gal who would just LOVE to know how to be a bit more patient… think we can help her out?

    [click to enlarge & read].

    If you’d like to be featured on Design for Mankind, email me right here and tell me what’s keeping you up at night.

    • sulu-design

      Love that Ambika. Cool idea, Erin!

    • my love for you.

      oh this is wonderful! such a great idea erin! you are soooo good.

      i LOVE ambika, one of the many blogs i read. so it’s exciting to see her here!

      i too have ishtar w/ patience. my latest mantra, which i found through blogger friend danica who writes slow progress http://www.comfies.blogspot.com…is “everything happens the minute it is supposed to.” i say that to myself often. sometimes a couple 100 times a day, depending on my mood. i also remind myself that life is precious and do i want to spend my time huffing and puffing because things aren’t happening quick enough? it’s hard in the moment…but i try. ;)

    • Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

      I have to agree with most of these comments Erin. It shows a lot about your character that you desire to give back to your readers and want them to feel valued. You would make a good boss:)

      This is why we keep on coming back to your awesome blog, checking back every hour through out the day.

      You’re the best sister!

    • design for mankind.

      Awww, I love all of your comments and thank YOU guys so much for helping out Ambika. Megan— I love yours and Danica’s mantra! Very inspiratioal.

      And Seven— similar questions, but I may change them up every now and then! :)

    • Jessie Cacciola

      erin, you really know how to use blogs to their fullest potential. you’ve made this one into something that is just so real and fresh and effortlessly inspirational.

      to answer Amika:
      I’ve dealt with my worrying mind for so long, and it’s terrible when it prevents you from doing normal everyday things. And the truth of it is, no matter what, you’ll be a better person for going through whatever it is that you’re worrying about, so embrace it and hope for the worst! that’s what makes us; that’s what makes our lives. the other thing is there is always something else out there that’s worse than what you’re dealing with and there’s always another way to look at a situation.

      I hope that helps! And about the patience thing, what are we rushing for — to get to something else we’ll want to rush through? Slow down and take the moment for what it is.

      – Jessie – xo

    • Jessie Cacciola

      sorry, I mean Ambika!

    • design for mankind.

      Awww, thank you, Jessie. And I LOVE LOVE your advice to Ambika. It’s just great how supportive you readers are with each other! :)

    • daddylikeyblog

      I love Ambika with the fire of a thousand suns. And I love this new feature too!

    • wait? you’re not supposed to be impatient and worry? oh crikey i’m doing it all wrong!!! hehe.

    • dottie

      love the new feature!

      i have a friend that always tells me to put my worry in the big deal basket or the small deal basket. if it’s in the small deal basket – let it go & if it’s in the big deal basket – then you can worry. i tell ya – simple & silly, but it reduced my worries by 80%.

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