double take: failure to launch.

I just love Double Take Wednesday!!! Special thanks to Kylie from Bandelle for putting together yet another fabulous set from the silver screen!

We have our dear reader, Jane, to thank for suggesting Failure to Launch for this week’s Double Take. Jane wrote, “The movie could have been in Japanese and I would have still been mesmerized by the interior of Sarah Jessica Parker and Zooey Deschanel’s home.” So let’s just see what she means…

The eclectic style of this apartment could definitely be recreated with Craigslist finds and a really good upholsterer, as you would imagine their characters (Paula & Kit) would have done for their home. But to jumpstart the living room, how about the jordan sofa in a natural canvas accented by the goldfinch, somerset, and brush pillows. It would be highly entertaining if we enlisted Kit’s help to spray the cortez armchair (now on sale) in white. She seemed like the type of person who would have been lucky at garage sales and repurposed many objects around the house. For the dining area we could add a set of montgomery chairs, which echo the loopback motif of that armchair we just sprayed.

One of my favorite pieces in the house is the antique mirror in the entryway. Either the crown mirror or the more moderately priced copperwood mirror would be a great match. Illuminate the entryway with the flock black table lamp and add a little kick to the color palette with the slender orange lombok water vessel.

For artwork, we have two very special sources. After hours of searching for the perfect wire dress form I came across the work of Leigh Pennebaker, an artist in New York who focuses on “sculpted clothing.” I’m not sure if these are available for purchase but we can all enjoy browsing her amazing portfolio. On the other hand, the custom artwork from phunklab that has been circling the blogosphere recently is definitely available on Etsy (via perfect bound). Thanks to Australian artist, Fleur Northcote, you can customize your photographic portrait in almost any color.

Here are two Failure To Launch inspired DIY projects:

1. Wallpapered door – did you notice the dandelion design? Spruce up the back of your door with your favorite wallpaper. This would be a very inexpensive project, especially if you use remnant pieces. Just make sure your edges are straight and measurements exactly fit the flat side of the door (it will drive you nuts otherwise).

2. Painted drawers – add some drama to your built-ins by painting the drawers in a contrasting color. The salmon color on their built-in cabinet seems to really pull out the other orange accents in the room. If you want to take it a step further, get your toolbox out to attach these osteon drawer pulls.

And no wonder Jane was drawn to this set design. Jeremy Conway, production designer for Sex And The City (remember Carrie’s blue apartment?), was responsible for this fantastic home. Jeremy — we love your work!

Image credits: Paramount Pictures, Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams, Pillows and Throws, Crate & Barrel, Pier 1, Ballard Designs, Horchow, World Market, Leigh Pennebaker, Design Public, phunklab, & Anthropologie.

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