happy bday to me.

08.26.2008 / Miscellaneous

It’s 4am and Husband and I just arrived home from the emergency vet clinic where Reason #2 had a focal seizure. He’s quite fine now and sleeping soundly. Needless to say, I’m quite tired and will be catching up on sleep in lieu of regular posting.

I like to think Reason #2 was just giving me one last scare as a 24-year-old. ;)

  • Happy Birthday !

    I also have a pawed baby w/ seizures. It is a very scary time when they come on, I hope your’s can benefit from medication like my Lucky does now.

    I wish the best for you and your li’l one.

  • Happy birthday! Mine was August 19th and I turned 26, so we are just about the same! Hope your pup is okay.

  • oh no, sorry about your sweet pooch.
    you’ll just have to celebrate your birthday for like a whole week to make up for it! ;)

  • Justine

    Happy Birthday, Erin!

  • happy birthday honey… sorry to hear about all this!

  • I’m still sifting through your comments and am just so grateful for all of your kind wishes— I’m so lucky to have each of you in my life— THANK YOU! :)

  • Hope you dog is better! Your Precious baby!

    Happy Birthday… ENJOY every birthday! Age is relevant! Fifi

  • happy happy birthday (belatedly)

    (and i hope that reason #2 has made a full recovery)

  • Just catching up on my reading and soooo sorry to have missed this!! I’m glad to hear that your little puppy is doing so much better now! How scary for you guys!!

    Happy belated birthday to you!!! I’m such a bad bloggy friend for missing it! Hope you had lots of cake!

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