happy bday to me.

08.26.2008 / Miscellaneous

It’s 4am and Husband and I just arrived home from the emergency vet clinic where Reason #2 had a focal seizure. He’s quite fine now and sleeping soundly. Needless to say, I’m quite tired and will be catching up on sleep in lieu of regular posting.

I like to think Reason #2 was just giving me one last scare as a 24-year-old. ;)

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry about the seizure…

  • happy birthday!!
    hope the doggies are ok xx

  • You know I send as many good b-day wishes as you can handle!

  • Happy Birthday and hope your puppy’s feeling better! Maybe some birthday cake will help you both.

  • What in the world? You are the 4th or 5th person having pet problems in the last week or so :(. I’m sorry about your little doggie, that’s so scary. I hope he recovers quickly. And Happy Birthday!

  • Happy, Happy Birthday Erin. Sleep well & long. A smooch for you & the pup too.

  • Happy Birthday Cupcake!!! Have a beautiful day and get some rest.

  • Oh “bon anniversaire” Erin !!! Wish you the best ! Hope your lovely dog feel better … and that’s fun because my birthday is tomorow :) … but unfortunely i’m not 24 !!!!

  • Happy Birthday! And much health to your puppy! Since I’ve got two cats I’m sending some fuzzy kitty love ^.^

  • Megan

    Hello Dearie –

    Is Georgie alright??? I hope so – I just wanted to post some B-day wishes to you and saw the post.

    Anyway – lots of love to you! Happy 25th – xoxo

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