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  • mustard gas party.

    11.03.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Oh I’d love to take a Monday morning nap on this mattress.

    Link: Mustard Gas Party.

    • Oooo….. I love this! Love the clean lines, tons of textures and cool color.

    • hey erin..

      first off and most importantly… i hope your papa bill is doing ok…. currently working at the hospital i know that environment can play on everyone (especially family)… i mean it when i say try to stay as positive as possible and make sure to get some fresh air whenever possible… it really does help….

      good luck erin and i will be thinking of your family


    • Ditto. Such a gorgeous pic! BTW, my email is all cockamamie crazy right now, but I think it’s something with the new modem. Whew…what a DAY! I will email you back soon:) Such a fantastic day, wouldntcha say?!

    • Aww thank you guys. :)

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