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    01.14.2009 / Miscellaneous


    You know how I love a good sketchbook. Apparently, so does Allan. I sort of want my sketchbook to meet his sketchbook and have babies together with cute little paper diapers.

    If I had a sketchbook, that is. Because I don’t. Because I can’t draw worth a corn nut.

    Link: Sketchbook 6.

    • I love sketchbooks too!!! However this year I’m making do without one. I’m being ‘frugal’ and using scraps! does that make it sketchscrap? lol. you can see the results of my attempt in my link.

    • LOL at the sketchbook babies in paper diapers :)
      And yes, sketchbooks are great in general, and Allan’s in particular… wow, thanks for sharing.

    • isn’t his spectacular? i’m so inspired!

    • Absolutely! I have a whole book showing artists’ sketchbooks – http://www.howbookstore.com/product/2030/creativity
      Allan’s would fit perfectly in there :)

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