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    01.14.2009 / Miscellaneous


    You know how I love a good sketchbook. Apparently, so does Allan. I sort of want my sketchbook to meet his sketchbook and have babies together with cute little paper diapers.

    If I had a sketchbook, that is. Because I don’t. Because I can’t draw worth a corn nut.

    Link: Sketchbook 6.

    • you are so wonderfully creative…you should carry your beautiful sketchbook (get one!) to write down inspiration. I have my trusty moleskin and I love it. I write blog ideas, photograph ideas…

    • melissa de la Fuente

      This is fantastic and you are adorable! I can’t really draw worth a corn nut either! Corn nut, corn nut….that is super fun to say! :)

    • aww, you are too sweet. :) i do actually carry around a notebook, but no sketchbook. :(

    • awesome. and even awesome-er is the commentary :)


    • I wish my sketchbook (if I started one again) could be so cool.

    • I wish my sketchbook (if I started one again) could be so cool.

    • Erin you should totally just start doodling! Or scrapbooking! If I could, I would send you a moleskin sketchbook to get you started. x

    • Sketchbooks don’t have to contain drawings :D

    • i.d.—- you would?! omg you would? dude. i’m totally doing it. :)

      and anne— thanks. ;) i’m totally embarrassed i published this! sometimes i can’t stop myself… ;)

    • and jadekitty— GOOD POINT! :)

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