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    02.17.2009 / Miscellaneous


    I have some VERY fun news for you. My dear friend Jaime and I are officially in business… not as chefs, but as business bakers.

    We put our heads together to bring something to this community that we all need [especially now!]: business advice. I receive dozens of emails daily asking me about blogs, marketing, indie products, etc, and I can finally take the time to realllllly answer those questions.

    So, if you’re a business owner (or are hoping to be!), email us at thinkbakery@gmail.com and tell us what you need help with. Jaime’s incredibly smart, and well… I’m along for the ride. Just kidding. I’m smart, too.

    I promise!
    p.s. Remember our fun Roadmaps series? Bookmark The Bakery blog for plenty more where that came from…

    Link: BAKERY

    • I thought you were going to bake me some cake (I can’t find a good bakery here; boo hoo). Great idea though; real excited to see what you come up with!

      I think your blog has been censored by the Chinese because I can’t get into it :(

    • This looks great! Your blog top 10 is a great list!

    • Hi!
      What an amazing concept! I looked at the site yesterday and was excited about it!
      Thanks Erin!

    • Aha! I’d been wondering where that email had come from. It was so witty I could not write it off as spam. What a winning idea!

    • Sarah E.

      Oh man! This is perfect!
      Already added to my google reader.
      Thanks, ma’am.

    • what a brilliant idea!!!!

    • I LOVE BAKERY! like the idea! keep up! :)

    • Hooray! Thank you Erin :)

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