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    03.12.2009 / Miscellaneous


    Oh dear Lord. Ohhhhhh goodness. Oh goodness. I am in love. Favorite piece of the week, hands down.

    Month? Ohhhh could be.

    Link: alice stevenson

    • This is lovely, I really like the use of color and the amazing composition. Thanks for the find, nice work!

    • Just beautiful. Perfect.

    • Oh my. I agree! So lovely!

    • oh i badly want this piece on my wall. and ALL of her work is gorgeous like this…. my goodness!

    • she IS a goody and a keeper … nice find, erin.

    • Wow–amazing portfolio, particularly smitten w/the zebra in her sketchbook. Also like the Noah’s Ark poster in the shop–could easily see it being a focal point in a Danish mod nursery. Yeah, it’s all incredible.

    • totally agree, audrey!!!

    • Very gorgeous! I’m in love too :)

    • It’s so lovely!

    • raindrops, (or tears?) , trees, and a dark haired girl from behind. How can’t I fall in love?

      THank you for sharing Erin!

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