Finances– Eek!

03.16.2009 / Miscellaneous

The bailout. The financial crisis. The economic downturn. However you slice it, finances are fast becoming our world’s new favorite topic, so naturally— our Dialogue cast weighs in. Find out more about the life of a freelancer, tips for staying afloat and the benefits of working for “the man”, right here on Design for Mankind.


  • so great! so helpful! it’s like a little pep talk!

  • it’s great to hear from other artist and find out how they’re making things happen during this money drought. phew, i’m not alone ;)

  • Erin that was just what I needed to hear! Thank you so much!

  • i’m loving the videos!!

  • yay! you’re mighty welcome– aren’t they all so wonderfuL? :)

  • FABULOUS video!
    I have lived on a budget for the past 8 years (around $1500 a month) and get ticked at the governments bailing out all these companies who don’t know how to budget or plan for the future properly. I seriously think this recession is a time for everyone to adjust their thinking & spending habits – it has been coming for years!

  • oh erin, it’s amazing!!! this was so right up my alley, you were right. ;) thank you for creating this series- it’s wonderful!

  • Another wonderful Dialogue and such an important topic, thanks so much for sharing!

  • Hey that is a really cool piece of artwork behind you. i wonder who made it…

  • thanks for this video. i can relate so well to what these fellow self-employed creatives are talking about…and it’s nice to know that i’m not alone in this!

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