Finances– Eek!

03.16.2009 / Miscellaneous

The bailout. The financial crisis. The economic downturn. However you slice it, finances are fast becoming our world’s new favorite topic, so naturally— our Dialogue cast weighs in. Find out more about the life of a freelancer, tips for staying afloat and the benefits of working for “the man”, right here on Design for Mankind.


  • ha, thank you! they’re from UO years ago! :)

  • melissa de la Fuente

    Erin! You are just a goddess my dear and all of these wonderful ladies you are getting on here to help us all out! Thank you so much and I love this series!

  • So great and so interesting! I just watched all three episodes which I found through obsessive consumption, and I’m so glad I did! I can’t wait for the next episode!

    Keep up the great work.

  • Another great video…will share with my readers!

  • i love it! this is such a good idea, theses videos!
    thank you so much for organizing and posting these.
    really really interesting!

  • oh i’m so glad you’re enjoying them, kim; thank you!

  • erin- these videos are a great idea! i’ve gone backwards and watched all but the first one so far and this one on finances was very reassuring for me…i love the people you chose to make these with (pia is great and i’m totally on board with her (on board, get it…haha) and her philosophy. sometimes i feel a bit crazy in my lifestyle choice but then i see there are people out there like me with similar priorities and personalities and that is so reassuring. thanks!! great work.

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