Finances– Eek!

The bailout. The financial crisis. The economic downturn. However you slice it, finances are fast becoming our world’s new favorite topic, so naturally— our Dialogue cast weighs in. Find out more about the life of a freelancer, tips for staying afloat and the benefits of working for “the man”, right here on Design for Mankind.


  • it’s great to hear from other artist and find out how they’re making things happen during this money drought. phew, i’m not alone ;)

  • FABULOUS video!
    I have lived on a budget for the past 8 years (around $1500 a month) and get ticked at the governments bailing out all these companies who don’t know how to budget or plan for the future properly. I seriously think this recession is a time for everyone to adjust their thinking & spending habits – it has been coming for years!

  • oh erin, it’s amazing!!! this was so right up my alley, you were right. ;) thank you for creating this series- it’s wonderful!

  • thanks for this video. i can relate so well to what these fellow self-employed creatives are talking about…and it’s nice to know that i’m not alone in this!

  • Great topic! So timely. I do the lemonade too! (sans sugar – can only do this in a restaurant though – no idea why)

  • I’m loving the video series! Where do you get the time and the energy for all these great projects?! Very inspiring :)

  • this is such a great topic, erin! a freelancer’s life certainly involves juggling many projects while wearing multiple hats from artist to pr guru to bookkeeper. it definitely gives the definition of multi-tasking a whole new meaning vs. the one in the corporate world. and, post-it notes can be expensive ;).

  • these videos are SO good!!!!!!!! “when you make more money, you spend more money.” that is so true. i always think that when i don’t spend a lot of money, it’s as if i’m making more. (does that makes sense?:) i love this video!

  • These videos are so great. Great/relevant topics … and so well done. And love hearing from people we see all over the blogosphere. Keep up the fab work!

  • Its so useful to hear real stories and just to know that it’s possible to balance it all!

  • This is such a great Dialogue and you’re so pretty Erin! Where did you get those fab earrings/!

  • I know I am just adding my voice to the chorus, but this was really, really great – such a huge affirmation of my own experiences with this, which is so nice to hear since everyday we hear on the news about how the financial world is falling apart in 12 new ways. I think the kind of skills you have to have to freelance – things like adaptability, budgeting, and a bit of self-denial – can help anyone make it through these days of uncertainty.

  • Thanks so much for posting this, It’s nice to hear others are in the same position as me. I love the poor man’s lemonade :)

  • This was fantastic Erin. I make my living off of a variety of gigs and I am having a blast. I also live on a very small budget but I enjoy a simple life, especially if it means I get to spend each day doing something I enjoy and helping small businesses as opposed to big business. I definitely had to have my corporate time though even after owning a small business and that was intrinsic to my journey. I loved what these girls had to say!

  • Congrats, Erin!

    I´ve been a freelancer for… can´t remember, and I can´t remember either what it feels like to work for someone else. I don´t think everyone is cut to be a freelancer and the opposite is true as well: not everyone is made to work for a corporation. Health benefits – or lack of thereof – are definitely a con, but the key is to save, save, save (and buy some health insurance anyway).

    Looking forward to the next video!

  • EXCELLENT topic. i got goose bumpy when i was listening to the intro, for real! I can sooo relate to these ladies, I really like my day job and the “security” it allows me with insurance and my work friends are great.
    But I really am LOVING the community I have found with my blogging and my freelance work has been growing steadily and it’s very satisfying…we’ll see what the next year or two brings…but I found so much encouragement in this topic and the advice of the ladies that I’m quite comforted to keep on keepin’ on! Thanks so very much! Have a great week!

  • i know i’ve said it before, but i’m thrilled at how helpful these videos are for you— there’s just something to be said about connecting through short videos!

  • LOVED the “ugly post-its” comment Erin, you crack me up :)

    I’m completely broke & freelance, so felt I could really relate :)


  • Why does my Chinese internet connection take so long to download Vimeo videos? Argh. Still waiting to see it, but I’m sure it’ll be great :)

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! love your earrings! where you get them from?

    and great vid, work this time but my volume gone now!

    I know…it’s a never ending story!

    [crazy computer driving me insane] :)

  • Erin! You are just a goddess my dear and all of these wonderful ladies you are getting on here to help us all out! Thank you so much and I love this series!

  • So great and so interesting! I just watched all three episodes which I found through obsessive consumption, and I’m so glad I did! I can’t wait for the next episode!

    Keep up the great work.

  • i love it! this is such a good idea, theses videos!
    thank you so much for organizing and posting these.
    really really interesting!

  • erin- these videos are a great idea! i’ve gone backwards and watched all but the first one so far and this one on finances was very reassuring for me…i love the people you chose to make these with (pia is great and i’m totally on board with her (on board, get it…haha) and her philosophy. sometimes i feel a bit crazy in my lifestyle choice but then i see there are people out there like me with similar priorities and personalities and that is so reassuring. thanks!! great work.

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