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    03.17.2009 / Miscellaneous


    Hands down, the cutest felt creatures I’ve seen to date, from Olivia Mew. This is her teen angst series entitled “You Don’t Know Me.” I think they’re out of production at this point, but I’d bet if you sent her cookies she’d make you one.

    Might have to try that…

    Link: olivia mew.

    • I can imagine these would be fun to design. They are really cute :)

    • far too realistic, too! :)

    • those are the most wonderful dolls i’ve ever seen!

    • wow. love love love your blog. it was introduced to me by cup of joe. i watched your first post of dialogue, which by the way was a great question. though i am a very busy lady who juggles work, school, bf and fam how do you suggest i find my medium. really? i’m lost. i feel that i have all these interests and wants that i can’t pick just one thing to go for. i’m 25 and in limbo. suggestions? you said to try you :).


    • emailing you now, maholo! :)

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