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    05.07.2009 / Miscellaneous


    OK, if you listen to ONE thing I say this week [make that year], listen to this:

    File Magazine is exceedingly fabulous. Seriously. I’m in utter amazement. Not only is it chock full of major art/culture inspiration [think Of Montreal, Beck and a free limited print from Geoff McFetridge], but it’s size is strikingly reminiscent of the 39×30 cm ad agency work of my past. Even better? It includes an accompanying DVD with two hours of short films, music videos and interviews.

    Have I sung enough praises yet? Subscribe NOW. I’m off to do the same.


    • Yeah, that magazine looks amazing. I think I’m gonna snag a subscription.

    • Quite phenom – what a great gift idea too

    • It looks pretty nice and a very clean layout, i just checked how much it will cost for one issue and it’s about £6.50 which is pretty cheap, any idea how much a subscription is?

      Jules x

    • looks like the subscription rate isn’t yet posted, but i’ll let you know when i find out, jules! :)

    • With newspapers and journalism disintegrating a lot of publications might turn to large periodic releases like File to make revenue while maintaining free access to their websites. An occasional well designed object like this is much more attractive than any number of common daily newspapers, so as daily papers disappear great products like this should rise up. Check this out for a great presentation on how design can work for journalism. (http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/jacek_utko_asks_can_design_save_the_newspaper.html)

    • this is an AWESOME point! thank you, jesse!

    • Mattia

      thanks for the link. The magazine looks great. Not even that expensive. Ther’s even a dvd included.

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