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    05.27.2009 / Miscellaneous

    photo credit: jesper christoffersen

    photo credit: jesper christoffersen

    I’ll be in Ireland for a few weeks, so have scheduled two weeks chocked full of great content and a daily giveaway! My comments will be nonexistent, as I’m doing my best to sign off for the majority of the trip. Enjoy the next few weeks!

    • ERIN! you are the luckiest, luckiest girl!
      me and my little sister dream of backpacking around ireland some day
      have a great trip :)

    • Have a wonderful trip, Ireland is the most wonderful place!

    • enjoy, enjoy! :)

    • Enjoy your visit to my homeland!

    • I’m so, so, so jealous of your trip. Have a blast!! What a great interview with the mister! I enjoyed that immensely :)

    • Joanne

      Have a good time Erin – weather’s good here for a change!

    • erin! i’m going to be in ireland too, from the 3rd-9th! so excited, i’ve never been there before.. please let me know if you have tips on what to see and eat!

    • i live in wales and ive never been to ireland! just a quick ferry ride away too.
      hope you have a good time.

    • while the cat’s away, the mice will play ;). but, we’ll be nice to the substitute teacher. have fun, erin!

    • I just got back from the Emerald Isle & the Isle of Man. Enjoy! Enjoy!

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