• photo credit: jesper christoffersen


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    05.27.2009 / Miscellaneous

    photo credit: jesper christoffersen

    photo credit: jesper christoffersen

    I’ll be in Ireland for a few weeks, so have scheduled two weeks chocked full of great content and a daily giveaway! My comments will be nonexistent, as I’m doing my best to sign off for the majority of the trip. Enjoy the next few weeks!

    • Erin we miss you already! Hope you are having an amazing time… I have very fond memories of Ireland. Enjoy!

    • thank you all! i’m safe and sound in ireland [there really are redheads EVERYWHERE!]. thanks for your well wishes, and i’ll miss you all dearly! i’ll e-see you in a few weeks!

    • Hope you’re having a great time here – pity the weather’s not brilliant. But hope you have fun anyway! :)

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