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Today’s episode is one of my favorites, covering the topic of community. Do you have more friends online than in real life? What are the benefits to each, and which community would you prefer if you had to choose just one?

In addition to our regular contributors, Blanket Magazine’s editor Bec Brown is joining us to weigh in on the topic. AND, we’d like to thank our episode sponsor, SFGirlByBay! For information on how YOU can sponsor an episode, email dialogue[AT]

Let the dialogue begin!

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  • Real life community connections are top on my list because I love the complexity of relationships. I really enjoy when online friends crossover into that category.

    That being said, it is far easier to connect in online communities to people with the same interests as me…all I have to do is Google a subject. In real life, it’s not as easy to find subject-specific acquaintances.

  • nice words ladies!
    Bec it’s so neeeat to see & hear you!

    I’m still working on the cyberhugs, but they’re toadally awkward.
    HEY everyone on the internet let’s hang out this weekend in REAL LIFE. okay cool cya!

  • I’d have to choose my real life friends over online friends. but I think I need a bit of both to keep me sane.

  • My favorite all time dialogue! Love these ladies and their charming & sweet personalities! I agree and am also a huge fan of the crossover! I love my friends I have met online(and am lucky enough to have some of them move to my town) :) and also love my real life friends. I feel so fortunate to have some of them crossover and be both! It is amazing to forge new friendships with like minded folks who you might have otherwise never met. Thanks for this Erin and thank you Jen, Kelly and Bec(the three of you are adorable! )

  • What a great topic this week!

    For me, I find that my online community/friends/social group is more aware, for lack of a better word, of my “talent” (i say that almost mockingly) in photography and are able to be more supportive. I don’t really share a lot of my photography in the real world so being able to get feedback from people online has been really important and encouraging to me.

  • Hee it is great to wear your P.j.’s while working :) Real life hugs you can’t beat but what a gift the internet is for creative people who would of ever thought.

  • excellent episode! well done, erin! :)

  • Haha, Bec hit on my first thought when the dialogue started… pajamas!
    I loved this dialogue! I have a storefront business, so for me, crossover is essential. If I’m connecting to people online and spending a lot of time building those relationships, I need for them to be physically coming into the bakery and purchasing. Plus, it’s just neat to meet the individuals face to face.

  • i absolutely agree— you guys have raised such good points! community is wonderful, however you slice it, whether virtual or physical!

  • Okay…let’s just get this out of the way… how cute is Jen’s dress? And what was with the fab lighting in the room she was in? Looked kind of filtered and dreamy. Anyway, I digress.

    So, yes, Erin, I’m steppin’ on up to the plate. Well, I’m not going to choose between either community. Hey, there’s nothing like hanging out with friends physically…love it! (Not quite how it’s meant to sound but I think you get it.) But since entering the virtual world I’ve “connected” with so many people who are doing or talking about or exploring many of the same things I am that my “physical world friends” are not or are sick of me talking about! So it’s a delightful combo to have both! Like a Black & Tan or a cupcake & frosting…tasty when apart…great when together.

    My 2ยข. :)

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