wendy macnaughton.

doodle sketch of girls

Wendy sketches people while on her morning commute. Can I just pause to say how much I love people like Wendy? Those that incorporate their passion for art into their daily activities? If I was an artist, or if I could even draw, I’d do it every day for fun. It’s like writing, sort of. But way cooler.


  • Love, love, love this style of sketching! Awesome!

    You are an artist who creates and communicates with words! Equally as cool as drawing or painting. :)

  • Love the spontaneous quality and character of line work which brings each of your subject’s personalities to life.

  • I love observing other creative types doing what they do in public. I know I do a lot of writing and people watching when I’m out, and it’s fun to catch others doing the same in whatever their medium.

  • Thank you so much for this link. I love, love her blog and her work (‘the plane home’ makes me want to cry, to many words now but just because it’s such a familiar and worldwide sight). I’ve tried to sketch my students while they work or write an exam but they always notice me studying them and then it all fails. Anyway, I love everyday observations and Wendy’s style to me is so very inspiring.

  • I once read, “Never simply sit; sketch!” Everyone has those moments of “waiting,” be it on public transport or in a doctor’s front room. It’s quite refreshing to never wait, but rather only encounter bonus art/brainstorming time.

  • Wendy is like the athlete who gets drafted for both the professional baseball and football teams.Freakishly talented! She can draw AND write. love the commuter series idea.

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