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    nypl digital gallery.

    03.10.2010 / ART + DESIGN

    I could spend hours at the NYPL Digital Gallery, so much, in fact, that I wouldn’t be surprised if Husband blocks the site from our internet capabilities.

    But if he did, where would I find such awesome painted eggs?

    • in my house! we have three. my momma-in-law brought them to us a gifts a few years back. they make them in her town in east germany. i believe they’re a polish tradition?

    • Jagoda

      They are Polish! My family makes them every Easter. They are called Pisanki (PEE-sun-Key)

    • I LOVE that you called him “HUSBAND” like thats his name. Or like he is an object.
      Lovelovelove it!

    • They’re not just polish. It’s a tradition in Slovenia as well.

    • They’re Ukrainian, too… at least, that’s how they’re described around here. No matter where they are from, though, they are quite beautiful and awesome to watch being made. The patience and skill involved… I wish I had even a fraction of it :)

    • oh my goodness; that is so fascinating!

    • These eggs are so beautiful.

    • My mom makes them every year around this time – just lovely right?!

    • insanity! i love it!

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