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  • rita’s wooden living room.

    04.14.2010 / Miscellaneous

    Like a life-sized dollhouse, only way cooler, Rita’s living room is an art installation to be reckoned with.

    From Rita Rita:
    “We represented the typical style of a Québec living room, the mix of styles and influences taken from trends throughout the years. We used archetypical decoration and lay out. Far from modern condo-style-loft-etc. living rooms which cover the pages of hip magazines, this living room could be yours. Is it really design? What is?”

    • very interesting and fun. but doesn’t look to comfy, eh?

    • not at ALL! :)

    • LOVE THIS. I’m especially loving neutrals with a pop of neon. What a nice contrast.

    • WOW. I made a version of this when I was a kid, with the box our new fridge came in. The attention to detail here is impressive, and I like the clash between retro styling vs. plywood/neon paint.

    • umm this is the most amazing thing ever! ahh i love it soo much. i don’t know how I have never thought to make such an amazing awesome thing. FABULOUS!

    • i totally agree. :)

    • what! that is plain cuh-razy. i totally TOTALLY did a double take.

    • very gondry-esque!

    • It was realllllly awesome in person! Yup, yup. I sat in it! lol

      Felt kinda weird in there, but a really great concept design! :D

      Rita Rita’s work is always awesome :)

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