grau wal’s hair jewelry.

I’m admittedly a bit grossed out by this, but how gorgeous is this hair-raising jewelry from friends Eve Cahill and Anna Rybakov? Fascinating, nonetheless.

And as a sidenote, I totally need to learn how to fishtail my hair.

  • Apparently, hair jewelry was the thing to make back in Victorian times it has a pretty amazing history and I’d love to own some of my own. Very cool and sorta creepy especially the really old stuff.

  • really? it creeps you out? I find it incredibly fascinating. That being said, I’m not entirely sure I’d wear my dead family members hair on me as jewelery, but I like the idea of people being open about their grieving .
    I think something like this is going to come back in style. Some people have their loved ones remains turned into diamonds and wear them. (I think this is a little creepier)

    We have a collection of the hair brooches from our ancestors, but someone put them all together in a glass case. It makes for a beautiful wall hanging and most people don’t really realize what they’re looking at.

  • I always get a bit skeezed when I’m rifling thru an odd lot of vintage jewelry and suddenly realize I’m holding a hair bracelet. Haunting really.

  • wow — great link, frances!

    and audrey — i’ve had that happen! it’s really haunting — you’re seriously right!

  • I’m trying really hard, but I just cannot get past the “ewww” factor. I know that hair isn’t inherently gross but there’s just too much of a disembodied factor for me. Also, when I look at these pieces, even though the hair is shiny and pretty, I think of lank, unwashed hair and the distinct smell of unwashed hair and suddenly I am gagging. Or perhaps this jewelry has revealed a neurosis of mine. :)

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