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    06.08.2010 / Miscellaneous

    Catherine Soto wrote letters to those who hate her. Brilliant, and oddly inspiring.

    • SO interesting & facinating….off to learn more about it.

    • How completely therapeutic. Everyone should do this, whether published publicly or not. Love it!

    • I love this!! Agreed- everyone should start a journal with this sort of letters :)

    • i like the idea, bring a life to the internet yeaaah! like it!

    • Wow. I just read every one. I can’t say I can think of one letter I could write like that to someone, is that good? or is it really boring? Very interesting, regardless.

    • these are AMAZING! I always write letters to people I have problems with (or who have problems with me) but they never go farther than my computer screen or journal. Writing is such a wonderful release. These are great :).

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