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    06.18.2010 / places

    Because I so rarely am drawn to pattern in furniture (read: it scares me), I often rely pretty heavily on textiles and such. Yet after spotting these lovely, detailed pieces at Sang and Serena, I’m re-thinking my game plan.

    Oooh, and there are textiles, too! I’m in luck.


    • Erin— many thanks for the blog post! I’ve shared your site with our Facebook network as well.

      (Also: coincidentally, I’ve done some unrelated work with Jim Denevan of the sand art, also recently mentioned by you on DFM. Love it.)

      Enjoy this beautiful weekend…

    • most AMAZING dresser ever! I love pattern on furniture! I think most people are scared of it because there are so many horribly scary/ugly patterns on furniture. But when done right is sure is a show stopper…as this piece demonstrates! ;)

    • i would, too! the dresser is beautiful. reminds me a bit of folkish eastern European design. i covered my old dressed drawers in maps accomplishing an affordable “pattern”, but this work is stunning!

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