weekend mash-up.

After a lazy week here at DFM, I’m off to New York for a mini vacation (and to speak at Blog Out Loud Monday; will you be there?!)! I’m so excited to meet so many of you, and BklynContessa has been kind enough to throw a party in my honor Sunday (again, will you be there?!).

It’s sure to be a whirlwind affair, and I’m excited to meet so many of my favorite people that live in the city. Until then, however, I’m stocking up on mags, planning outfits (love this one!) and packing light jumping on my suitcase in hopes it will contain my goodies.

I’ll be bringing my walking shoes and hope to score some vintage goodies (with my dear friend Jess) or a cutie pillow at Fred Red. Between meetings, perhaps I’ll so sight-seeing and spot vertical gardens, fool someone, eat some mixed nuts, or gear up for some napkin sketching on a pretty little twine table.

And then? Maybe I’ll write love notes in my moleskine. Happy weekend, all!

[image credit: sara sani]

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