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  • my mighty summit.

    09.22.2010 / myKind

    I’ve drafted this post (and deleted and drafted again) more times than I care to admit, because nothing sounds remotely adequate to describe such an empowering weekend. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mighty Summit, it’s a retreat weekend for women in media, founded by three brainy (and FUN) girls. I highly encourage you to apply to attend next year, as it was just… wow.

    This year, we were asked to prepare for the retreat by completing our Life List (you can read mine here!) so we can share, inspire and support each other as we cross off each of our lifelong goals. And share, inspire and support we did.

    From book authors to tech founders and famous bloggers to TV show producers, there was not an un-inspiring individual in the bunch. And I loved that despite all of our differences (locations, positions, ages and backgrounds), we each had one common goal: to commit to living a fuller life.

    When I first added the Life section to my blog, I wasn’t sure if it would interest anyone. I mean, who needs to know that one of my ultimate goals in life is to watch and re-watch Beverly Hills 90210 marathon-style, just to catch up on what I missed when I wasn’t allowed to view Kelly and Dylan’s constant romps as a kid? I mean, I’m a design blogger. Smart people read this blog. There are gallery curators and professors and artsy folk — can I really open up and divulge the fact that I don’t know how to tie my shoelaces?

    And this weekend, I realized with an emphatic, “Yes!” that I can open up that much. This is my little space of the world, and it’s incredibly therapeutic for me. And I want more of it. I want to inspire others to live more than just an aesthetically-oriented life: I want them to live any life. Live the life they want to create, whether that include art in the everyday, or just the everyday.

    So. Consider this my commitment to sharing more of myself with you — right here. My hopes, dreams and fears — and I want you to do the same with me. Let’s hold ourselves accountable in an effort to shape our futures however we may wish. Because after all? We are indeed mighty.

    p.s. It should be said that the attendees this year were some of the most generous, warm and supportive individuals I’ve ever met. Contact them. Support them. And let them support you. Let’s build and raise this community, OK?

    [All images courtesy of sweet Zan at Two Cups of Tea]

    • I love this and I love that you are sharing more of yourself here.

      I feel like I’m coming from the other direction, having written a site only about me and my life for 10 years. I’m now writing more about work and others’ work, design, art, food and inspiration. I don’t want to lose myself in all of it, though; I want my voice to be heard, and I want to stay true to my heart. I am still desperately seeking balance. And it is a sometimes scary thing!

      But on we go, yes? Yes!

      Hooray for you, Erin, with the adorable pixie cut and honest truth. xo

    • It won’t surprise you at ALL to hear that I really, really want to hear more about Erin. I’m so thrilled you were a part of this, and I can’t believe you got to be roomies with my BlogHer roomie — how great is she?

      Basically, all of this made me smile. Good on you.

    • Yes! I’ve been making an effort to get more personal on my blog this past year and it’s a world of difference. A wooorld of difference! I feel much more open, more connected to my readers, more engaged with blogging in general. Only good can come from it. Can’t wait to hear more about lady E!

    • Erin you are such a wonderful inspiration. Please keep sharing who you are! xoxo Bonnie :)

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