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    11.03.2010 / myKind, Style

    [image credit: casie towsley]

    Deep breath; this one’s a vanity post. One of my original Life List goals was to hire a personal stylist for the day. And I’ve thought it over and, for some reason, the idea of spending money for someone to tell me what to wear totally slayed me. I think it’s a lovely concept and I’m not in the least bit knocking personal stylists, but I think for me, I need something different.

    I needed a confidence stylist. And I needed it to be me.

    I have no problem picking out outfits that I L-O-V-E. And I have very few problems bringing them home with me. And then I try them on, and they just look so-so, and I never wear them again. It’s not really a body issue thing, it’s just that some outfits are much more flattering than others (I’m looking at you, Favorite Dress).

    But you know what? Here’s my new rule:
    1. Wear what flatters you, and always look great.
    2. Wear what you love, and always feel great.

    I’m going for the latter. Which means you might find me sporting a tutu this weekend, and that’s just fine with me.

    Anyway, I might be sharing a few of my favorite outfits with you in this space if Husband will appease photograph me. Deal? Deal.

    In the mean time, here are a few animal sweaters I wouldn’t mind donning all. week. long:

    [image credits at polyvore]

    p.s. Animal sweaters are the new black, FYI.

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    • Love this and all of your new bio photos. You’re adorable :)


    • Hey Erin!

      Do it!!! I always love the outfits I see you in and I think other people would like to see them too! You’re my confidence queen.


    • You’re just the best.

    • oh thank you girls! i’m totally doing it. inspired by you, ms. jess. :)

    • YES! You were so stylish at ALT, I can’t wait to see what fun outfits you come up with!

    • ohhhh you are so sweet! im a bit nervous to get THIS personal, but im takin’ the plunge!:)

    • I think you always look great in the pictures of you I see, so yes, feel confident in your clothes! Dressing should be fun! (I need to remind myself of this almost every morning, though).

    • ME TOO. its important to remember, though. very important!

    • super cute animal sweaters. with the change of seasons i’ve been feeling the same way and LOVE your rule of thumb. totally agree!

      xo, juliette

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