• shoes

  • let’s talk about these shoes.

    11.19.2010 / things

    Actually, forget it. I have no words. (In the best of ways!)

    Link:  SWAGGER 360

    • Maggie

      I can almost picture the coolest dollhouse transforming into these wild shoes. I don’t know why, but that’s the first thing that popped into my head. (try picturing it, but you have to use “transformer” sounds to really get the full effect).

    • These are Balenciaga right? I cut out the picture in the summer and put it in my book of favorite things. L o v e. If I had a zillion dollars, I would so wear art shoes. Every single day. To the grocery store or Target.

    • EXACTLY! i’d do the same, jennifer. :)

    • They look like shoes that would be great to SIT DOWN and look fabulous in :)

    • HA — amen!

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