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    a smokin’ music video.

    01.27.2011 / ART + DESIGN

    My new friend Cariann knows I love colored smoke these days, so she sent over a link to this fun music video (screenshot above). The song is suuuper relaxing, so don’t listen if you’re feeling a nap coming on. BUT, do watch the smoke, b/c its absolutely gorgeous.


    • You’ve got a thing for colorful smoke lately, don’t you?

      Ahh and just read what you wrote and I see you recognize your obsession.

    • Awe, thanks lovey :)

    • it’s hypnotic. if someone needs a ‘time out’ they should sit and watch this video and they’ll surely mellow. the song is lovely, too.

    • totally! its the perfect time out, isn’t it? ha!

    • Friedl

      Ólafur Arnalds is my hero. 21 years old and a musical genius.

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