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    my $100 rule.

    01.27.2011 / ARCHIVES

    I’m an impulse shopper to the max. Actually, less of an impulse shopper and more of an impulse buyer. I don’t shop often and despise the mall, but somehow I find myself in a continuous state of Target Rampage: shoveling $30 tops and skirts into my basket as if Y2K was calling for a shortage of separates.

    This year, one of my goals for myself was to cut out the impulse purchases. No more $4 tubes of lipstick (I have yet to finish an entire tube b/c I swore I haven’t yet found my color), $10 scarves and definitely no more $50 dresses that hang unworn in my closet.

    It’s just getting ridiculous and I’ve got to grow up someday, yes?

    Anyway, I think I’ve found a way to combat the problem. Everyone has a number in their head; a number that officially defines “expensive.” Maybe that number is $40, or maybe its $4,000. My number is pretty easy: $100. I live pretty cheaply and can’t remember the last time I spent $100 on a single item — clothing, home or food related.

    So, when I’m faced with yet another $30 top that I love at Target (or online, even) I ask myself:

    Would you spend $100 on this?

    The answer is always no. So, of course, the top returns to the racks and I’m left feeling richer and in control.

    Even better? It helps me decipher what I truly need. For instance, I need a pair of black tights in a major way. So badly, in fact, that yes, I probably would’ve dropped $100 if it meant I could have a pair of run-less black tights. And yay! That meant I could buy them. For the record, they were $6, so it’s almost as if I saved $94.


    Anyway, I’m super proud of my new rule and so far, its working out swimmingly. What about you guys? Do you have rules you live by when it comes to spending, saving and splurging? Do share!

    Image Credit: Sanna Kvist

    • Annie

      I wish I would have known you were in the market for new Target black tights, because while the regular $6 Merona ones are stellar, I’ve recently become a total convert (and devoted fan ) of the Merona fleece-lined tights. These slightly thicker tights don’t add a lot of bulk, but in the frigid winter temps they do an amazing job of keeping a girl warm in even the thinnest of skirts. Seriously they are amazing.

    • I love this! I am the same way. I find that if I avoid super stores it is a LITTLE easier for me but I know where you’re coming from.

    • I love this new rule to live by! I’ll definitely keep this in mind the next time I go shopping. Sometimes I struggle with loving something in the store, but when I get it home…not so much. Maybe taking the extra time to stop and consider this will really help. Thanks for the tip! :) (Love your blog by the way!)

    • I like it! The only thing it doesn’t apply to for me is layering tees. I live in the lab, what can I say? And it’s freezing here, so that’s how it goes. Beyond long sleeve tshirts, my splurge of the season is a pair of Hunter Wellies. They just look so perfect for this slushy Boston weather…and let me tell you, my old cheap rainboots split up the back and in the sole last spring, leaving my feet quite wet for the rest of the season. Here’s to buying quality!

    • I love this idea. Mine is similar. When I buy an item that is say $100, I then have to wear it at LEAST 10 times. For every $10 I spend on something it has to be worn that many times. That way I feel like I put my money to good use.

    • SUCH a good rule! i try to practice this, too. and when i’m saving for something specific (i.e. a downpayment on an amazing house right now), i’ll take whatever i ALMOST spent on said item and put it in a box. sort of a reward later for what i didn’t spend. and it adds up so fast. bonus.

    • What a great rule! It should help me when I am shovelling $10 shirts into my cart in the Joe section of Superstore….

      My rule is to put back 4 items every time I shop at the grocery store. I am an impulse junk food buyer, especially when I am hungry. It has helped us save money and eat less crap :)

    • Such a fantastic idea! I’m going to have to apply it to my grocery shopping habits. :)

    • Love this rule. So smart and savvy!

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