why i’m trashing my life list…

03.21.2011 / myKind

… and starting over from scratch.

I flew out to West Palm Beach this past weekend for a press event and utilized the long flight to cross off a more mundane goal on my life list: #67: Finish a crossword puzzle (no cheating!).

And would you believe that I spent an entire seven hours of travel time, attempted 113 crossword puzzles and did not once fill up more than half of the puzzle?

I like words. A lot. And I know a few of them. But for some reason, there are too many for me to know and reference, and I’m going to stop beating myself up about it. Sure, writers should know words. After all, it’s our craft. But to be honest, I’d rather know joy.

And when I fail to complete a life list item, focusing so much on the completion of the task rather than the joy of the moment, I’m failing only myself.

So. I’m starting over. I’m going to slowly edit and re-invent my life list to reflect the goals that might be difficult, yes, but mean something to me. And who knows? Finishing a crossword puzzle might stay, but I can guarantee that the second it becomes joyless, it will go.

I’ll keep you posted. In the mean time, let’s be kind to ourselves. We’re just a work in progress, you know.

  • What a great, great post, Erin. Thanks for being authentic.

  • you know, i’ve been thinking about making a list…probably a 30 before 30 type list. but i’m a bit leery about it because i would do exactly what you talked about above and be hard on myself if i don’t get things done. i have some huge changes ahead of me this year too. maybe instead of an epic list, i’ll put smaller things on it…like “try a new face wash” or “cook steak”

  • Fully agree my friend. Now go recycle those crossword books! Just think of all the gossip mags you could have been reading on the plane. Ha!

  • Yes! This! throw out anything that won’t bring you joy. Life Lists are, to a large degree, about learning and growing. You learned something small but very important about yourself. This is awesome.

    p.s. I can’t wait to hug you this weekend!

  • thank you so much, ladies — you are all such an inspiration to me!

  • true dat Erin! Seek out that joy, and banish the rest! And/or share your crossword puzzle with me and when we can’t get 24 down, we’ll just peek to the back of the book.

  • HAAAAAAAAA youre totally my love.

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