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    09.14.2011 / people

    Nanna makes handknitted sculptures that you can wear. Or ogle. You decide.


    • UM

      A BIT TOO COOL!!

      Seriously, love it. Soooo chunky!

    • at first I couldn’t tell the size and perspective, I thought it was a doll! I wonder what size of knitting needles it takes for something like this?

    • Cinthya

      I did a horizontal braid on myself and made a bun on the side behind my ear. I though I was being very clever but now I know that it was nowhere as amazing as this look on her hair.

    • wow: that’s like size 25 needle to knit that! LOVE it

    • I want the see the image of the needles, I bet you need two hands for each needle to make one stitch. Cannot even image to purl.
      Very cool!

    • i know, right?????

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