• packing tape by peter nencini

    packing tape by peter nencini

  • geometric packing tape.

    12.21.2011 / things

    packing tape by peter nencini

    Very pleased to see Peter Nencini’s limited edition packing tape for sale at Awesomeville ($40). While you’re there, check the black sequined boxing gloves for a pretty penny.


    • that tape is truly awesome. and if it wasn’t $40, i’d totally make it mine asap!!! :)

    • I swear by this stuff. I cannot remember the name of the brand that I use (it’s Japanese) and you can even reuse it. It pulls from the roll and your paper so gently. Also, all of these details just make people feel special. :)

      These designs are uber-hip, I want these next.

    • This just bought a tear to my eye! In a good way of course!

    • the best!!!

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