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    03.15.2012 / Miscellaneous

    We’ve got yet another awesome contributor to share today (you’re loving them so far, aren’t you?!!!)! Kimberly Stapleton will be joining us twice a month for a round-up on today’s trendiest, most unexpected patterns – and the products that sport them ever-so-wonderfully. Take it away, Kimberly!

    My trusty black sharpie and I have been inseparable lately and when my sketches turn into scribbles, I like to think there’s all kinds of beauty in that, too.  Glad I’m not the only one:

    1. Scribble Light by Thout
    2. Shin Top by Acrimony
    3. Pillows by Kelly Wearstler
    4. Etu Collection by The Nought Collective
    5. Ophelia Tights by Hilary Naing
    6. Scribble Earrings by Tickette
    7. Scribble Mugs by Yoyo Ceramics

    • Kudos Kimberly! We are always running a scribble print on panties… but The Dot still reigns supreme!

      • @anne – yes, dots are infinitely welcome here! :)

    • Love it. Love the shin top and the tights. Erin + Kimberly: a great merging of creative forces.

    • NICE KIMMY! Seems like scribbles could be translated to waveforms quite nicely, a la Auralex’s Conference Room…

    • #3 is my favourite. Nice collection!

    • kimberlystapleton

      Thanks guys! Chip, I’ll draw something up for ya if your graphic designer hasn’t nailed it down yet ;)

    • Very cool! Never seen ‘scribbles’ look so unique and fun!

    • this makes me think of marc johns logo he created for himself. awesome.

    • Wonderful finds and interesting pattern!

    • Pete

      I love lamp! Or at least this one. Nice finds!

    • There’s a lot to be said for the scribble – just take a look at Frank Gehry’s sketches! I think there’s something freeing in just letting your hand go sometimes. Great pieces featured here (I love those tights!)


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