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It’s been a busy week over here (did you guys catch the great news at Design for MiniKind?), so I’m looking forward to enjoying some relaxing family time this weekend and catching up on a few errant tasks I didn’t get to check off my to do list (oh the thrill of that checkmark!). As usual, below are some great finds that crossed my radar this week:


1. Andy Martin’s strap chairs are vibrant, bold and oh so functional.
2. Anna Brown’s Chenoa blouse is perfectly poppy.
3. So proud of Amy’s latest book, So Pretty! Crochet. (And no, I totally don’t/can’t crochet.)
4. Can’t wait to kickstart this awesome iPad cover (it doubles as a dry erase board!)!
5. Congrats to Cat and Meg on their release of Mom, Inc. (and how cute is that trailer?)!
6. This Lego bathroom is insanity!

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you here Monday!:

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