my pregnancy story // dealing with anxiety.

Happy weekend, friends! It’s been a jam-packed week here, so I’m looking forward to enjoying some relaxing time with family and friends, including a fun getaway to a restaurant tucked away inside a boxcar train! So much fun, right?

In the mean time, I’m leaving you with Episode 2 of my video series, Prepping for Baby. We’re talking first trimester anxiety this week and I’d love to hear from you guys – were you super stressed out those first 12 weeks? Anything you did to cope? Feel free to visit and spill it; I know we could all use a bit of stress relief every now and then!

See you back here Monday!

p.s. While you’re in video-watching mode, how sweet is my e-friend Gabrielle’s new series, Olive Us? Makes me want to have six babies and move to France!