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    05.17.2012 / Miscellaneous

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    1. I think we’re all happily familiar with the lovely ARH and Hunter Gatherer. And Ashely Helvey’s Comme Ci, Comme Ca is already shaping up  to be equally pleasant, with it’s interviews and home tours, featuring minimal spaces and down-to-earth chats.

    2. Hermine is a textile designer residing in a little Belgian village who’s blog, Joural de Jours, is equal parts soothing and inspiring.  The beauty she weaves in her side project Words for Strangers is a real joy, too — sweet, pretty notes left for strangers on their bikes? love it.

    3.  I love stopping by V’s a butterfly in my hair for the beautiful images, inspiring poetry and quotes, interviews with other bloggers and makers, and the swaps (most recently a chocolate swap!)

    What I love most about each of these spaces is how they encourage us to take our time with each visit, to be slower and more thoughtful in our absorption. I’m wishing the same inspiration to you all, and a lovely Thursday.

    • Erin these are just wonderful! I already knew and loved ARH’s sites and work, but loved seeing Hermine’s textiles. I’ve just gotten back into weaving regularly after a lapse in time, and her work is just breathtaking. Loving the new links added to my bloglovin’ !

      • Yay – I’m so glad you enjoy! Kristen does such a lovely job of rounding them all up for us! :)

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