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  • MAKEKIND 09.

    05.16.2012 / Miscellaneous

    This week on MakeKind, it’s all about making napkin rings from supplies you’d find in the plumbing section of the hardware store. Who would have thought?:

    MATERIALS // pvc coupling (found at your local hardware store), embroidery thread, tacky glue, scissors


    STEPS // 01 CUT THREAD Choose a color of thread to start with and cut a piece at least 1 yard in length. The length will determine how wide of a stripe you will get on your napkin ring. (The longer the string, the wider the stripe). Put a small dot of glue on the inside of the coupling and adhere one end of the string to the glue.

    02 // WRAP THE STRING Holding the end near the glue, start wrapping the string tightly around the coupling, making sure to cover any white spots. It’s also a good idea to wrap over the end you glued down to hide any seams.

    03 // CHANGE COLORS Cut off another section of embroidery thread of a different color and wrap it right next to the previous color, going over the cut end of the previous color to hide any loose ends.

    04 // CONTINUE WRAPPING Alternating colors and lengths of embroidery thread, continue wrapping around the coupling until you’ve covered the entire thing. Tuck in the last loose thread and let dry.

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