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    05.18.2012 / personal, pregnancy

    Happy weekend, friends! It’s been a jam-packed week here, so I’m looking forward to enjoying some relaxing time with family and friends, including a fun getaway to a restaurant tucked away inside a boxcar train! So much fun, right?

    bathtub feet

    In the mean time, I’m leaving you with Episode 2 of my video series, Prepping for Baby. We’re talking first trimester anxiety this week and I’d love to hear from you guys – were you super stressed out those first 12 weeks? Anything you did to cope? Feel free to visit Mom.me and spill it; I know we could all use a bit of stress relief every now and then!

    See you back here Monday!

    p.s. While you’re in video-watching mode, how sweet is my e-friend Gabrielle’s new series, Olive Us? Makes me want to have six babies and move to France!

    • Love these!!

    • SheaShea

      Where do you find such cute maternity clothes!? Adorable!

    • Those first 12 weeks are brutal, huh? I pretty much alternated between anxiety and vomiting until week 16. And Olive Us? I’m totally reconsidering the big family thing.

    • Thank you so much, ladies!

    • @SheaShea You’ll have to wait a few more episodes for the style series! ;) But right now I’m loving Hatch Collection – they’re amazing!

    • I haven’t been a mother long, and I only have one pregnancy under my belt (a belt that accommodated the 60lbs I gained, mind you), but be sure to experience all the emotions – good and bad. I think that being a mother makes you ponder, “Am I crazy or brave?” But you really have to be both to be a GREAT mom. You’ll do fine, kid.

    • Kathryn

      Okay first of all, you look SO cute. I totally agree on getting rid of the books. And try not to stress at every little twitch or pain. Most women have perfectly healthy pregnancies. I also took lots of walks with my dog. Staying active is great for you and baby :) Prepping baby’s room was great, because it felt like something tangible I could do for her (hence the week I spend on my hands and knees at 36 weeks refinishing a dresser!). I also loved spending time with other new moms and hearing them reflect back on their recent pregnancies. They are eager to share in your joy and impart their wisdom. And they’ll lend you their clothes ;)

      • Ha – SUCH good advice, friends! Thank you for sharing!!!! :)

    • Adorable! I just recently had my first and the way I found comfort was talking to other women on bump.com and just like you are doing went to pregnancy yoga and chatted with those girls. Once you get those fears out in the open and shed some light on them it will ease the anxiety.

      • Hi Kat – I couldn’t agree more! I love that we can be open and share our anxieties with each other – no judgment attached. Feels refreshing! :)

    • astrid

      HI erin,
      first of all, congratulation with your babygirl to come and congratulations for this wonderfull blog. My name is Astrid and I’m from Belgium. I don’t know why I feel the need to write you but I wanted to thank you for this particular video. Last tuesday, I had to go on surgery bec doctors had find out that I had an ectopic pregnancy. I have been recovering at home this week, saying that I just was thankful that everthing went good and that modern medecine is a blessing… but at this particular moment, I’m crying, feeling that it could have been my baby… I didn’t expected this, I was just 3 weeks pregnant. thank you for sharing and your husband is good at that
      video making… I wish you the very very best!

      • Oh Astrid; I’m so sorry to hear your news. I’ll be praying for a swift recovery for you – both physically and emotionally. I can’t imagine all of the emotions that must be swirling about for you. :(

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