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  • spotted: coastal backsplash tiles.

    05.24.2012 / columns, things

    Now that my sunroom is finished, we’ve been gearing up for the next big renovation project: our basement! And although I have no need for a full bathroom (or even sink!) down there, I ran across this rustic utility sink¬†while researching tiling and fell head over heels for the fish-patterned backsplash:


    After some digging, I found out it’s a Hooper & Shaw design that is, sadly, sold out. But there’s another fish design¬†available that’s equally eye-catching and I can’t help but smile at how oddly sweet it is. They’re technically travertine coasters, which is a good reminder that you can create a patterned backsplash with pretty much anything waterproof, such as rock, stone, glass and more!

    How sweet would this look in the mudroom of a beach house?

    • I love this! I also love that something usually so mundane, like a backsplash, can be made so fun with some creativity!!

    • I love the idea of having a patterned backsplash. The example you used it neutral but at the same time edgy. Looks great!

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