• the ultimate baby registry: feeding time.

    05.24.2012 / baby gear

    It’s time for another installment of The Ultimate Baby Registry; this edition is all about mealtime! Whether you choose breastmilk or formula, you’ll need a few staples on hand to keep that sweet little baby happy and healthy.  Here’s what the experts and real moms recommend!:


    A must-have for sore, nursing mamas, Bella B Nipple Nurture Butter comes highly recommended and contains only safe, edible ingredients for baby.

    2. NURSING PADS // QTY: 12+
    Washable nursing pads are great, but I’d have a few disposable versions on hand, as well (who knows the next time the laundry machine will be free from burp cloths, swaddle blankets, onesies and more?!).

    3. PACIFIER // QTY: 6
    Choosing a pacifier is a matter of taste, and BabyCenter has a wonderfully comprehensive pacifier guide I’d recommend. We chose Natursutten’s BPA-Free Natural Rubber Rounded Pacifier because it’s BPA-free, natural and rounded: three of our most important criteria.

    Although it’ll be a few months before baby will be joining you at the dinner table, a high chair is a great registry gift for groups or families who might want to spend a bit more to welcome your babe. I love the Tavo High Chair for its modern design, and because it’s designed to scoot up to standard dining tables, you won’t need to fuss with a tray.

    A feeding pillow can make a world of difference when positioning your baby for a comfortable meal. A basic Boppy and water resistant cover are affordable and will likely become staples in your household as of day one!

    You’ll be washing quite a few bottles in those first six months, so invest in a bottle drying rack that isn’t a major eyesore in your kitchen. I love the design of the Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack – and it’s countertop-friendly!

    Perfect for the family-on-the-go, insulated bottle carriers are suited for road trips, play dates and visits where nursing might be tricky.

    If you plan to make your own baby food, Baby Brezza is a fantastic (and affordable) option.

    9. BABY SPOONS // QTY: 6
    Although introducing solids is still a long way away, having a few baby spoons on hand to experiment with might be a good idea.

    10. BURP CLOTHS // QTY: 12
    You’ll want a stockpile of burp cloths on hand for every feeding and a few more daily surprises. I like basic white organic cotton burp cloths for easy (safe!) bleaching.

    I chose glass baby bottles, but there are billions of options available. Giggle.com has a wonderful bottle and nipple guide to choose which one might be right for you. As for nipples, most bottle sets come equipped with Level 1 nipples, so you might want to  stock up on a few Level 2 nipples to use in a few months.

    The TinyDiner portable placemat is a must for babies just learning to eat solids in public. Keep this one on hand for the 8-month mark!

    If you plan to nurse, a hands-free breast pump is the one splurge recommended by nearly every new mother I know. After all, multi-tasking is every mother’s blessed curse, yes?

    14. MILK STORAGE BAGS // QTY: 50+
    If you plan to nurse, storing milk so Dad can take over feedings is a huge plus. Lansinoh’s Breast Milk Storage Bags come pre-sterilized with a convenient pour spot for bottles.

    Happy registering, mamas! And for those of you who have conquered the baby phase, what did we miss? Any recommendations from your experience?

    • Great list Erin, one thing you left out is BIBS! Although I admit, during the summer months, it was just easier to have my daughter eat sans shirt! (we live in Brooklyn without a washer dryer! so cleaning bib after bib got tiring).

      Oh and if you do want bibs, I recommend the kinds you can wipe off with a sponge! At least once the baby is eating solids.


      • Oh yes, BIBS! My mind is so far from the solid eating stage, but you’re right – SO ESSENTIAL! :)

    • Love love love #12. My “baby” is now three years old and we still put out the placemat occassionally. Another must have: a plastic floor mat to catch all the food that baby would rather throw than put in her mouth!

    • Heidi Eastveld

      I agree with the suggestion of bibs. Soft ones for drool when they start teething and wipeable ones for when they start on solids. I love Mally bibs-they’re leather and wipe up like a dream. I would also recommend getting bibs with NO VELCRO! I have beautiful baby sweaters that have been ruined in the laundry when they got snagged from the velcro on bibs! Snaps are far better

    • Cute stuff!

      #6 :: The Boon drying rack is the greatest. We have the larger one, called Lawn. If you have Grass and find it isn’t big enough for you, either, you can also get Twig or Stem as vertical extensions. Ahh. So cute. We have one of each. : )

      #11 :: We use Dr. Brown’s, too. They are great for us. Can I ask why you went with glass? Maybe we should have, too! Hmm…

      • hi kelsey!

        we went glass b/c it seemed more natural than its plastic counterparts – especially for dishwashing. but i’ve heard great things about bpa and pvc free bottles, as well. :)

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