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    06.20.2012 / Miscellaneous

    Need a little summer in your step? This week in MakeKind, I’m colorizing a few pairs of plain white sneakers perfect for those warm weather strolls. I’m using my favorite dying technique and testing out a new red dye. It smells like strawberries and colors perfectly!

    MATERIALS // dye (I used the Rit powder for blues and strawberry Kool-Aid for the red), parchment paper, rubber cement, damp paper towel, plain white sneakers

    STEPS // 01 PREPARE SNEAKERS  First, gently remove sneaker insoles, laces and set aside. Then, brush a thin coat of rubber cement on toe and heel soles. This will block out any dye from adhering to the rubber (and wear off overtime).

    02 // MAKE WARM DYE BATH  Select a shallow baking dish. Add desired dye (I used one Rit powder packet for blues and two Kool-Aid packets for the red), then fill dish with hot water till about a 2.5″ deep. Stir to blend.

    03 //  DIP DYE SNEAKERS  Dip toe edge of sneaker into warm dye bath and soak for at least 3 minutes. Repeat with heel side of sneaker. With damp paper towel, gently wipe soles to remove any excess dye. Place sneakers on parchment paper to dry.

     Once dry, insert insoles, lace up and get strolling!
    [photos by Christine for Design For Mankind]
    • this idea is so great and perfect for summer with the pastels!! i can’t wait to make my own pair of shoes!

    • This is awesome, awesome, awesome. Gotta get new white sneakers first thing tomorrow!

    • So clever, Christine! I love these!

    • love keds and this idea!

    • kathy

      Love it! Can’t wait to get some white sneakers and try this….great idea!

    • Thank you sweet ladies! If you are looking for sneakers, try Payless. I picked up mine for less than $15!

    • laurine

      Do you need to wash the tennis shoes first to remove sizing, and how do you make sure the dye will stay when tennies are washel? IE how do you set the dye?

    • Sasha

      Awesome idea! Can you dye whole shoes?

    • Great question Laurine! I haven’t had any problems with mine fading or bleeding just yet, but you could always hand wash them in warm water with a mild detergent after dying. Then, rinse with cool water and air dry.

      Sasha, I think you could absolutely dye the whole shoe! I did dye some laces, which were pretty fun.

    • laurine

      Thanks!!! I am heading out to buy some today. I am not one of those graceful ladies who never gets her shoes dirty! :)

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