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    my nursery // the big reveal.

    06.26.2012 / FAMILY, kids rooms, personal

    erin loechner nursery

    I’m crazy excited to share the grand tour of the nursery today! For new readers and friends, my husband and I have been renovating a ranch in the midwest for a little over two years (you can follow the entire process on HGTV.com!), and the nursery used to be a spare room for ongoing projects, tools and miscellaneous storage. But with our little girl’s arrival just a short month away, we transformed the space in the nick of time! Enjoy a photo tour with peeks of details, sources and much, much more! (and don’t forget to check out the full video tour on Mom.Me!):

    erin loechner nursery 2

    Our rocker is crazy amazing – it’s the Monte Joya Rocker  at The Century House, and I’m super impressed with how comfortable it is. I thought it would be nearly impossible to find a rocker that is both cozy and beautiful, but we really hit the jackpot with this one. Plus, it comes with a matching storage ottoman for extra books, miscellaneous toys and more. And that tiny stool in the corner? A $5 diy project!  (The Swiss pillow is a placeholder for the Hello pillow that’s en route – isn’t it sweet?)

    erin loechner nursery 3

    The painting is such a special one. A few weeks after we announced our pregnancy, a sweet reader Adriane asked if she could create something custom for us. Because we’ve nicknamed the baby “Bee”, we quickly decided a bumblebee with floral wings would become the perfect inspiration for the room. I love how well it turned out and it’s so wonderful to have something so handmade and special in the room. (Thank you, Adriane!)

    And the awesome dresser and toy chest are both from Land of Nod (as is our changing pad cover and Blabla doll you see above!) I really wanted something gender neutral, and am obviously a huge fan of white – I like to let the textiles, patterns and shapes shine! These pieces were absolutely perfect for the room.

    erin loechner nursery 4

    Those sweet vintage-inspired doorknobs are hanging hooks from Land of Nod – perfect for keeping her vintage cardigan and yellow hat (with ears!) at bay.

    erin loechner nursery 5

    I’m sure our bookcases won’t look quite this put together for long, but until we need the storage for the vast amount of clutter a baby seems to require, I had fun styling happy vignettes with a few of my favorite things. (Can you spot the best rattle ever in the mix?) A Lotta Jansdotter journal, silver polka dotted hippo and Charley Harper book all make me smile whenever I think about welcoming our little one!

    erin loechner nursery 6

    Live plants (cacti, because I’m sorely negligent when it comes to watering plants!) and an array of diapers await her arrival!

    erin loechner nursery 7

    Don’t worry; the pillow and bunny will leave when it’s crib time, but until then, I like having something sweet to look at. And how great are those grey striped crib sheets?

    erin loechner nursery 8

    My sweet friend Jill owns a rad baby blanket company and customized that gorgeous white quilt as soon as she found out I was expecting. It’s so beautifully made and I can’t wait to envision us curling up together during chilly winter nights feedings!

    erin loechner nursery 9

    The toy crate houses bedding and spare quilts at the moment, but will likely be used for toys once she accumulates a few of her own. (Hint: I made our toy crate out of a vintage melon crate and some spray-painted casters – check out the DIY on HGTV.com here!)

    erin loechner nursery 10

    I couldn’t be more in love with our coral/butter/charcoal color palette, and the coral pouf just sings when paired with a yellow raised floral rug and gray carpet.

    erin loechner nursery 12

    The curtains are quite a story. I often order fabric shower curtains in lieu of the real deal (they’re far more affordable!), but these arrived too short for the space (I swore I’d measured them, but I suppose that’s pregnancy brain!). My mother-in-law came to the rescue when I asked if she could sew a tutu-inspired coral “skirt” onto the bottom of the curtains. Mission accomplished, and I love the curtains even more with our custom addition! (That awesome floor lamp is a Blu Dot model from The Century House!)

    erin loechner nursery 13

    I’m still waiting for the perfect mobile to fill that empty void over the crib (the Oeuf Robin, which I highly recommend!), but I’m so thrilled with how the room came together. A huge thanks to my advertisers Land of Nod and The Century House who were both so helpful in making this room perfect for our little girl!

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