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    09.06.2012 / Miscellaneous



    1. Milana Silvano’s textiles and garments are brilliant. Seeing bits of her life and inspirations through her blog is such a treat. (photo by Laura Sciacovelli )
    2. Mondays Projects has recently opened it’s shop, and the blog kept by the three lovely Brooklyn potters is a must visit for art lovers. (plates pictured are by Jennifer Fiore)
    3. One Australian woman, two blogs: Alchemy is a more personal space, sharing a name with it’s line of necklaces and aromatherapy cremes, while Simple Things mostly features the work of other artists and makers, many of them fellow Australians.  I’m in love with both.


    • Thank you Kristen! It is such an honor to be included on this list!

    • kristengregg

      My pleasure, Jennifer. Thanks for inspiring!

    • milena

      yes, thank you. and nice to be mentioned alongside belinda and monday’s projects.

    • I love Belinda’s work and both her sites. The new ceramic necklaces are pretty amazing, too!

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