• happy hallobeen!

    10.31.2012 / personal

    parrot costume

    Just popping in to say I’m taking the day off to play with our little parrot. Hope you’re having a fun-filled Halloween wherever you are! Tell me, what are your littles dressing up as?

    p.s. Bee’s costume is from Thumbelina – isn’t it hilarious? She loves it so much!

    • So cute! She’s adorable!!!! Happy Halloween!

    • Ah, you too – kisses to Red Riding Hood and Wolverine! (Wish I could trick or treat with you guys like last year!)

    • I think she’s the first little parrot I’ve ever seen. Love the big beak! Our ‘little’ (ahem, puppy) dressed as Charrmander for halloween yesterday. His name is Charr, but I’ve nicknamed him Charrmander after the Pokemon character (I didn’t even play the game back then, ha). We found a dragon costume and it was the funniest thing!

      Happy Halloween, Erin. I hope you guys have a frightfully lovely day!

    • Ha – I love that so much, Brittany!!!! :)

    • Thanks, Julie!

    • dana

      I’ve never seen a parrot with cheeks quite like that. Fabulous!

    • Sherry Smith

      her look is like: “MOM” you’ve got to be kidding” adorable.. hugs

    • Ha – thanks, ladies! :)

    • CUTE. my 7-month-old is going to be a friendly ghost! the white tutu is my favorite part :)

    • She is adorable! Happy First Halloween to you guys!! I love baby costumes!!!

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