• happy hallobeen!

    10.31.2012 / personal

    parrot costume

    Just popping in to say I’m taking the day off to play with our little parrot. Hope you’re having a fun-filled Halloween wherever you are! Tell me, what are your littles dressing up as?

    p.s. Bee’s costume is from Thumbelina – isn’t it hilarious? She loves it so much!

    • Super cute bird =)! My little one is going to be lightning mcqueens driver. It’s a little muscle man costume that he refuses to part with. (2nd year wearing it and it barely fits)

    • OMG I love the pictures I’m forming of your kids’ costumes, guys! So sweet. :)

    • That is just too cute!! Those cheeks!! Congrats!

    • Thanks, Tere!

    • How cute! My little guy is a super hero made from scrap fabrics at home. Babies in costumes has to be the cutest thing!

    • she is the cutest parrot I’ve ever seen Erin! hope you all had a great first halloween together, it gets more fun every year!

    • Ah, I love that, Christy! (And thanks, Nicole!) :)

    • I can’t stop laughing… this parrot is cuteness in person!
      PS: You’re doing such a great job as a blogging mama, Erin!

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