• let your light shine

    let your light shine

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    10.12.2012 / Miscellaneous

    let your light shine

    Hear this now: You are someone’s hero.

    Remember this. Remember it when you are doubting yourself, when you are ready to stop trying, when you are thisclose to giving up on your dreams and yourself.

    There is someone in this world who adores you. There is someone who looks with wonder upon everything you do. There is someone who models their life after you.

    Amazing, beautiful courageous you.

    And when you’re ready to walk away and toss in the towel, think about what you’d want your own hero to do and let that dictate your choices. You’ve got this. You’re a Hero.

    Image: Rad message banner from Cakies

    • Thank you – i so needed this right now… You have no idea…

    • I needed that today too! It’s been a whopper!

    • jacinta

      reading those words gave me hope :) thank you for sharing!

    • I loved this! Thank you so much for such inspiring words. : )

    • Jody

      THANK YOU Erin!!! I teared up reading this… Perfect inspiration for a Monday morning. Have a fantastic week!

      • @Jody – It was written by our contributor, Tiffany, but yes – I agree! PERFECT inspiration. :)

    • Love this. Thank you.

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