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    11.02.2012 / Miscellaneous


    Happy weekend, friends! I wanted to take a moment before I dive into my normal round-up of submissions and cool links to thank my amazing contributors for helping me run this ship while on maternity leave. You’ll be seeing the last of their posts over the next few weeks as I’m back to captain-ing this place on my own, but I’m so grateful to them for their hard work – and to you for welcoming them so graciously. And don’t worry – if you miss them as much as I will, you can visit their blogs/sites over here.

    While we’re chatting changes, I’m super excited to be mixing a bit of myself back into this site. I know a lot of you readers are bloggers yourself, so in the next few months, I’ll be adding in a few posts about workflow, inspiration, creative ideas and more. I hope you guys can look to Design for Mankind as a resource not only for visual inspiration in your own fields, but a kickstart to living out that inspiration as well. And do let me know in the comment section if you have anything specific you’d like to hear about!

    Now, on to our weekly submissions and rad links:

    1. Artsy iPhone cases.
    2. So excited for this book to kick off the holiday season.
    3. I’m craving this beautiful wallpaper like a mad woman!
    4. This coat is capital-G gorgeous.
    5. A favorite 2013 calendar for sure.
    6. Bike posters galore!

    See you Monday, guys! And thanks for joining me here daily. Truly.

    • this post is bittersweet! so excited for the new changes but dreading the loss of your lovely contributors!

    • Ah man, I know – aren’t they wonderful?!!

    • thank you for including us in your submission, erin. and i can not wait to read your posts about workflow and inspiration!

    • @susan Thanks, Susan – keep up the rad work!

    • the book looks so cool!

    • thanks so much erin, brilliant to be included in such an inspiring set of links!
      looking forward to your posts :)

    • Erin, those are awesome news. You’ve rounded up some amazing contributors and I think it’s great that you made sure you’d get a proper maternity leave (so important and so easily neglected when you’re self-employed), but I’m excited to see you back and read all that new content.

    • Thank you so much, everyone!

    • […] are so excited to be part of Design for Mankind’s Bookmark It list this weekend! See triangle No. 3? That’s Jill Malek’s Luci della Cita wallpaper in […]

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