mini links.

Happy Friday, and happy November! Are you guys ready for the holiday season? (I’m decidedly not, but my husband is a Christmas elf year round – obsessed, I tell you.) I’ve got a few fun links to take you through the weekend, but before I go, tell me – are you up for some kid-friendly gift guides this year? I’ll be running a few on Design for Mankind and would love to do the same over here, so do let me know if that’s something you’d enjoy! Now on to this week’s submissions and great links from around the web!:

1. This DIY bunting is adorable!
2. A cute way to teach your child how to tie their shoes.
3. Can’t wait to purchase this book for holiday prep!
4. The raddest fish tank around.
5. Love this tractor tee for tiny boys!
6. Backpacks with angel wings!

Plus, my writing elsewhere: The Pressures of Nursing and Baby’s First Halloween!