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    fall vacation

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    So Very Out of Office

    11.02.2013 / FAMILY


    I’m writing this with a packed suitcase at my feet, ready to hit the open road (Tarmac) for some adventure (business trips). Tomorrow morning, we’re headed to our old Los Angeles stomping grounds for a few media events mixed with some serious R&R. It’s the Entrepreneur Smoothie – the beautiful concoction of blending a work commitment with the opportunity to take a family vacation. Surely you’ve seen the drill, right?

    fall vacation

    If you know Ken and myself well, you know that we’re really terrible at taking vacations for ourselves. Our honeymoon was approximately six years late, and even then, it consisted of a short two-day excursion. It’s a small trade-off for the work we love, so until we can be trusted to take a proper, intentional vacation, we’ll continue to mold business trips into excuses to pack up and explore, i.e. work from a different zip code.


    Still, I plan to soak up some inspired late-night conversations, sunshine-filled walks with Bee, a visit to the Happiest Place on Earth, reunite with long-lost friends and eat from every food truck I can find. It’ll be rad and wondrous and I promise to not open WordPress once. (Probably.)


    Until our return, enjoy these backyard afternoon photos of fall, my favorite season in the world. When we come home, it’ll be winter and the SADS will start. Get out of here, snow. No joke.

    Image Credits: My dear husband

    p.s. I’ll be Instagramming, I’m sure.

    • If you’re looking for food trucks on Monday evening, you should head to On The Lot! It’s like a little food truck smorgasbord. So fun. (And I think the crepe truck is going to be there tomorrow, just sayin’…) Safe travels!

    • Hope you’re having a fun trip, Erin!

    • I love the awesome contemporary art museums in L.A. One of the things I miss about living there. Have a great trip! xo

    • katrina

      a well-deserved break (semi-break?), for sure. have FUUUUUUN!

      • thank you katrina, dear! we’re having a lovely time!

    • I should be focusing on content, but all I’m thinking about is the fact that we have the same scarf :) I think I’ll wear mine today in solidarity.

      Have a fabulous vacay, my dear! xox

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