My (Updated) Bedroom

design for mankind bedroom makeover 2

If you’ve ever visited my home, you’ll notice a pretty stark aversion to color in… pretty much every room. It’s not that I can’t appreciate a great hue (obviously), it’s just that white is so… calming. And peaceful. And clean. All of the things I long for my home to be (even though, in the spirit of honesty, it almost never is – courtesy of my inability to notice dustbunnies and Bee’s incredible ability to scream words).

But this January, I got a weird itch to colorize. I don’t know what got into me, but I suddenly found myself in the bedroom, filming a video for Valspar and completing the boldest paint job our home has ever witnessed. And you know what? I love it.

It’s dark gray and kind of blush-ish, which happens to be the color palette of my current obsession (an obvious choice). And for those of you thinking your husbands could-not-would not-never-ever paint any shade of pink in the bedroom, I encourage you to gaze upon this sentence, uttered by the better half of Team Loechner, Ken:

“I looooooooooooooooooove it.”

It’s not a pink-pink. It’s a man’s pink, one that looks vaguely transparent when hit with the right light but surprisingly saturated and nude-ish at night. And if you can’t go nude in the bedroom, where can you?

design for mankind bedroom makeover 3

(Sorry, Mom.)

Anyway, the before and after makeover is here, and there’s a giveaway to win the color palette I chose here (plus, you get to watch the video, so. Bonus!)

design for mankind bedroom makeover 4

Also, listen. Pink’s a hard shade to match. So if you do choose to tackle a similar palette for yourself, know this: Valspar has a Color Guarantee, which offers a free replacement gallon for any color you try and don’t like. I know, it’s brilliant. So you can go bold or go home (or go straight back to your Ace Hardware retailer to choose your new shade).

Genius, those folks.

Image / Video Credits: Ken Loechner for Valspar

p.s. Special thanks to Grandma Betsy, Puffs and Cailou for keeping Bee away from wet paint. It takes a village, man.

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