Whenever I go to my regular thrifting strip (which, let’s be honest, is pretty much every weekend), I be sure to stop in at Grot, the most fantastic handmade furniture store in, basically, the universe.

It’s a tiny little shop FULL of midcentury finds, some refurbished, others recreated into new and incredibly lovely pieces. Credenzas, danish modern chairs and Redwood tables are scattered throughout Grot, each paying homage to the strategic craftmanship of its owner.

I so wish these pictures would do justice to the lovely pieces inside, but these will just have to do until I can get some better ones on my next visit.

Visit Grot online to view more pieces and place an order.

  • Oooo thanks for sharing! I love your blog to and added you to my links! I’m going to have to check out their online store :)


  • Thanks for visiting, Kate. And yes, I’d highly recommend a Grot online visit. Definitely worth your time!!!

    Yay, I’m adding you now.

  • Wish we could get together for tag team thrifting! But just remember if I spot it first it’s mine :)

  • Lovely post!
    I love the tree root chair!

    Thanks for sharing:-)


  • Jo: I’d thrift with you in a HEARTBEAT.

    Arch: I love the tree root chair, too!!!

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