Dude. What a weird word!

Anyway, my friend Anna and I are participating in DIY Christmas this year. Which is REALLY hard for me, because as much as I’d love to believe I’m crafty, I am SO not. You know that whole saying, “If you can’t do, teach?” That’s totally my mantra. “If you can’t do, blog about everyone else who can.”

Anna, however, is totally the opposite. She can make a gumball machine look like the coolest thing on earth. So naturally, when she asked me to partner with her, I assumed the only reason would be so she could have a good laugh at my “creative goods.”

We decided on Polaroid stationary, so my job was to take the Polaroids. And don’t tell Anna, but I’m totally cheating and using this hot tool.

Yes, an online resource that can turn ANY photo into a Polaroid. Merry DIY Christmas to me!!!