out of the box: make love, not war.

Designers Miss Geschick and Lady Lapsus have done it again. This time, solving the ever-prevalent “sleep on your OWN side” crisis.

I’m thinking about investing in this for our bedroom, even though it totally doesn’t match my design. Small price to pay for a restful night. Hmm… I wonder if they make boundary lines for dogs? 25% each?

Click here to see more from this dynamic duo, or to purchase.

  • Too cute! If they made one to include dogs, ours would insist on a good 80% (he prefers to sleep diagonally). Hubby and I crunch ourselves into the 20% left.

  • Well, you sure have an eye for wonderfully eccentric things. I just love the waythe two love-birds sleep in the picture: I have the same conquistador-ish tendecies :)
    And btw, your blog ROCKS!!!

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