tag, i’m it!

[photo credit: Vogue Living]

I was tagged by Abbey a few days ago and have been so busy I didn’t even notice until today!

So, a bit belated, yes, but here are eight things I’m thankful for [just in time for fall!]:

8. High-waisted trousers are BACK, baby!
7. Voluspa candles, particularly amber-scented.
6. Method cleaners. I’m madly addicted.
5. Whoever invented the fire hydrant poo bags that I can tie to Bernie and George’s leashes: they’re RIDICULOUSLY handy.
4. Camilla Engman.
3. Deodorant.
2. My corner coffee shop, Saxby’s.
1. My God, my family and my friends. [See, I’m not entirely vain!]

AND NOW, I get to tag four more people, yes? Awesome.

Kim and Jo [and it’s no excuse that you’re busy guest blogging AND blogging for yourselves this week!!!]Franki

  • fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! I’m very excited. where will I begin?

    Let’s start with your list. I love how you are grateful for little things and grand sweeping visions of life. Nice mix. And I’m sure the hydrant poo bags are sheer genius when you need them!

    Brilliant! thanks for the tag!

  • Thanks, ladies. And Franki: I can’t WAIT to see what you came up with, dear!!!

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